photo Ampegon TSW 2100D Ampegon shortwave transmitters lead the market for more than 70 years and are the best choice for cost-effective, high-efficiency and flexible operation

Ampegon high power shortwave transmitter TSW product line extends from 50 kW to 500 kW. All models feature interfaces for remote and automated operation and are ready for new-age digital transmission with DRM.

Ampegon shortwave transmitters come equipped with fast VSWR protection and an interface for a special analysis tool to monitor environmental incidents like lightning, mains, etc.

Craftwork and Quality
Ampegon shortwave transmitters are hand-crafted in our factory in Switzerland to meet the highest quality and industrial design standards. Satisfied customers around the world testify to the superior design, performance and maintainability of Ampegon shortwave transmitters.

TSW 2100D goes Digital
DRM is bringing a bright new future for AM broadcasting. Cristal clear sound in near FM quality can be made available to listeners around the globe. As one of the most cost-effective, reliable technologies in the world, AM radio broadcasting is still the favoured medium for keeping millions of listeners informed.

Integrated DRM Solutions
True to its tradition of combining innovative technology with reliable and time-tested techniques, Ampegon is offering an enhanced and upgraded shortwave transmitter line for integrated DRM solutions.

The Ampegon 100 kW shortwave transmitter, TSW 2100D, enables broadcasters to choose between classical AM analog and/or DRM digital operation.

photo Ampegon Block Diagram TSW 2100D System Overview
A small footprint and short installation and commissioning time make this member of the Ampegon shortwave family truly unique. The air-cooled PSM modulator is built into the transmitter cabinet. The control rack can be situated optionally either on the front or the side of the transmitter cabinet.

The TSW 2100D is equipped with interfaces for remote and automated operation and is ready for new age digital transmission (DRM).

Features of the TSW 2100D especially adapted for DRM include: Radio Frequency Stages
The TSW 2100D is fitted with a solid-state driver circuit and a single-tube final stage. The preliminary amplifier is a semi-conductor wideband.

The integrated stratus DRM modulator/RF exciter serves as radio frequency source. The stratus unit handles both analog and digital transmission modes and readily accepts a DRM/DI stream.

photo Ampegon Air-cooled PSM6 Module PSM – Ampegon Solid State Modulator
At the heart of every TSW 2100D is a powerful, proven Ampegon patented solid-state pulse step modulator (PSM6). As the industry leader in PSM technology for more than twenty years, our solutions enhance your broadcasting performance via their outstanding distortion and signal-to-noise specifications. The high efficiency of better than 97 % and the high power factor of the PSM, result in minimum energy and operating costs.

Our air-cooled PSM is equipped with 32 power modules. Each module comprises a modern IGBT switching device, an integrated step-start system, and integrated safety features like short-circuit protection and IGBT supervision.

Its patented module-management system ensures equal loading of all modules as well as the highest possible redundancy for reliable operation. Each of the modules represents an individual voltage source that is switched on or off independently.

Enhanced Transmitter Control System: ECOS2
ECOS2 (enhanced control system) is the new computer based transmitter control system for all Ampegon shortwave transmitters. The system is available with or without DRM functionality.

ECOS2 controls and monitors all processes inside the transmitter and provides clearly visible – as well as audible – alarm notifications.

The ECOS2 system supports a simple, well-structured user interface on an integrated colour touch screen monitor. It also supports remote access and lets you easily control the transmitter locally or from a remote PC via a standard web-interface. An online connection enables performance of remote diagnostics and system updates.

Additionally, the ECOS2 system easily integrates with our Master Series II broadcast control system for complete system management capabilities from simple monitoring of a single transmitter to the coordination and supervision of an entire network.

photo Ampegon Factory in Switzerland

Key Features

  • Fully integrated automatic DRM operation
  • High guaranteed overall efficiency
  • Compact, high-quality design with full accessibility for maintenance
  • Extremely low operational costs
  • Web-Interface for remote operation and diagnostics
  • Menu-driven control system with color touch screen
  • Full remote control facilities providing optional remote diagnostics system
  • Fully automatic tuning system
  • BITE – built-in testing equipment
  • Options for different energy-saving operation modes like AMC, DCC and DRM
  • ISO 9001 system design: CE, RoHS compliant
Factory in Switzerland
The transmitters are assembled and tested in the factory before shipment. Dedicated teams make sure that each transmitter fulfils the most stringent standards.


DRM Digital Analog AM
Modulation DRM standard (ETSI ES 201 980) DSB: A3E (option A3E with DCC or AMC)
Frequency Range (MHz) 3.9 - 26.1 MHz (standard)
3.2 - 26.1 MHz (optional)
Frequency Change: 35 sec. max
RF Output Power at Pnom 50 kW mean power with 9 dB crest factor Carrier: 100 kW
Output Impedance 50/75 Ω unbalanced or
300 Ω balanced
Permissible VSWR 2.0 at 50/75 Ω unbalanced
1.8 at 300 Ω balanced
Mains Power Supply 400 V, 3-phase and neutral
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz (±2 Hz)
Power Factor ≥ 0.9 at nominal AM output power
Overall Efficiency at Pnom (standard cooling included) guaranteed: ≥ 60%
typically: ≥ 63%
guaranteed: ≥ 70%
typically: ≥ 72%
Performance Out of Band: Compliant ETSI EN 302 245-2
MER: ≥ 30 dB
Compliant ETSI EN 302 245-2
(for bandwidth up to 10 kHz)
AF response: ±1 dB (50 - 7500 Hz)
AF distortion: ≤ 3.5% (50 - 7500 Hz)
Noise level: ≤ 58 dB rms unweighted
Audio Input DRM/DI Analog: 0 - 20 dB into 600 Ω balanced
Digital: AES3, IEC 60958 and EBU 3250
Local Operation Local control through 15" touchscreen
Remote Control & Supervision Ampegon MasterSeries II software,
Web-Interface, SNMP V2c
Environmental Conditions Ambient temperature: +1° - +45°C
Maximum humidity: 95% non-condensing
Dimensions LxWxH: 1900 mm x 5500 mm x 2100 mm
Personnel Safety IEC 215, EN 60215
Specifications may change without notice

RF stages AF stages and modulator
Number Type Number Type
1 TH581


ITU Country
ITU Country