photo Omnitronix OMNI-5000-SW OMNI-5000-SW Solid State SW Broadcast Transmitter, 5,000 Watt

Tropical Band Short Wave

The OMNI-5000-SW is the 5,000 watt member of the Omnitronix series of competitively priced, highly efficient AM Short Wave Transmitters. This 100% solid state transmitter uses proven pulse duration modulation (PDM) technology to provide highly efficient broadcast operation. Enhanced reliability has been built into the OMNI-5000-SW through the use of redundant modulator and power amplifier circuitry, extensive antenna and power-mains transient protection and the use of stainless steel hardware and Teflon insulated wire throughout the transmitter chassis. Troubleshooting has been made easy through the use of meters and numerous LED status and alarm indicators. The advanced modular design allows front-panel access to all plug-in power amplifier and control modules. This, in addition to true "hot-swap" capability, provides for quick and easy maintenance which virtually eliminates off-the-air situations. The superior reliability, rugged design, highly efficient AC to RF conversion, and ease of maintenance makes the OMNI-5000-SW the most cost effective solid state AM short wave transmitter available. The OMNI-5000-SW solid state transmitter meets the specifications of various international broadcasting authorities.

Transmitter type 100% solid state AM short wave
Power output 5,000 W (adjustable 10% - 100% of rated output)
RF frequency range 3 - 7 MHz
Type of modulation Digital PDM
Power cutback 5 field adjustable settings
Frequency stability ±5 ppm (±8 Hz maximum)
Modulation capability 100% positive peak at 100% of rated output
Audio frequency response +1, -2 dB, 50 Hz to 7 kHz
Audio harmonic distortion <4%, 50 Hz to 7 kHz
Carrier shift <3% at 100% of rated output, 95% modulation
Spurious & harmonic energy Exceeds FCC requirements
Power input 220 VAC ±15%, 50/60 Hz (custom voltages available)
Power supply variation 10% voltage variation, 48-63 Hz frequency variation
Transient protection Isolation transformer & surge suppressors
Overall efficiency >60%
RF load 50 ohms unbalanced
Noise & hum <50 dB below 100% modulation at 100% of rated output
Duty cycle Continuous 100% modulated sine wave
Audio input ±10 dBm, 600 ohms
Remote control All controls have optically isolated inputs
Power cutback levels 1 - 5
Alarm reset
Transmitter on/off
Remote monitor Power cutback status
Voltages and current
16 status alarms
Metering Voltage and current
Power cutback status
Electronic protection Over-voltage: +20% with automatic recycle
Under-voltage: -40% automatic standby
Over-heating: automatic standby of individual power amps
High VSWR: >1.2:1, 3 attempts before standby
Output protection: gas tube on transmission line and band-pass harmonic filter
Environmental & mechanical Temp: 0 - 40° Celsius
Cooling: low-velocity air
Altitude: 0 - 3,000 m (10,000 ft)
Width: 56 cm (22 inches)
Height: 188 cm (74 inches)
Depth: 76 cm (30 inches)
Weight: 284 kg (625 lbs)
Warranty One year limited warranty
Specifications may change without notice

RF stages AF stages and modulator
Number Type Number Type
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